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Hello, Moveedoo

Going to the movies is one of the great things about living in Bangkok. They are cheap, comfortable and show a great variety of Western and regional films.

Until recently, finding a movie online was a fairly painful process. Cinema group websites in Thailand are archaic, impractical, and sometimes infuriatingly complex. So we decided to make it simple, and over the course of a weekend in January 2014 we hacked together Moveedoo.

Moveedoo is run by an group of people who want to create fantastic user experiences and love to make all sorts of things. If you have any questions, or suggestions, please send an email to

Movie details come from the amazing Movie Database Website

As Good As It Gets

All of our data comes directly from the main cinema group websites, and our information will only ever be as accurate as the source. We update the data on the site every hour, and are always checking to make sure that what you see is as correct as possible. If you spot a problem, please let us know!